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Undergraduate Chapters

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University of North Florida

Mu Theta Chapter

The Mu Theta Chapter was chartered on May 13, 1978, by thirteen innovative young women: Helen Alexander, Jennifer Butler (IBTW), Veronica Calloway, Beverly Courtney, Janice Hill, Mercy Hill, LaVonne Johnson, Charlene Jones, Kay Odom, Emily Roscoe, Patricia Simmons, Brenda Wims and Ann Witherspoon. It was the first Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO) to be chartered on the campus of the University of North Florida.  

Nu Iota Chapter

Edward Waters University

The Notable Nu Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® is honored to be a part of the wonderful leadership of the Significant South Atlantic Region and the amazing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®. Nu Iota was chartered on Saturday April 26th, 1980. The chartering took place on the campus of Edward Waters College (EWC) in Jacksonville, Florida. The Nu Iota Chapter became the third Greek-Lettered African American Sorority on the campus of Edward Waters College. EWC is distinctively Florida's oldest independent institution of higher learning, as well as the state's first institution established for the education of African Americans. 


When Nu Iota was chartered, it was the second of three undergraduate chapters of AKA chartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The first was the Mu Theta Chapter chartered May 13, 1978, on the campus of the University of North Florida (UNF) and the third was the Omicron Delta Chapter, chartered April 30, 1987, on the campus of Jacksonville University (JU). The sixteen members were initiated as charter members of the Nu Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®, under the direction of Soror Barbara K. Phillips the 20th International President from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Soror Delores Ham Oliver the 9th Regional Director from Spartanburg, SC, Soror Norma Solomon-White the 15th Chapter President of the Gamma Rho Omega Chapter, sponsoring chapter for Mu Theta, Nu Iota & Omicron Delta. 


Soror Elnora Atkins was the 1st Graduate Advisor to serve Nu Iota. Soror Elnora Atkins is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. The sixteen initiated sorors were Soror Jane Wyman, Soror Suzanne Jenneker, Soror Swina Gray, Soror Melynda Hayes, Soror Lisa Ryles, Soror Abbie Howard, Soror Lucy Joseph, Soror Olivene Glass, Soror Joan Whitlock, Soror Shirley Edwards, Soror Audrey Bourne, Soror Shirley Sloan, Soror Beverly Mitchell, Soror Anita Wiggins, Soror Damita Webster and Soror Mary Ghant. 


They called themselves TBAKA: Trail Blazing for Alpha Kappa Alpha. This was the start of a very exciting time in the Notable Nu Iota Chapter History. These young sorors paved the way for all sorors that have been initiated in the Nu Iota Chapter since this date. 

Jacksonville University

Omicron Delta Chapter

The Omicron Delta Chapter was chartered on April 30, 1987 by thirteen lovely women making it the very first predominantly African American organization on the campus of Jacksonville University. 

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